Let's Play Series

Fear of MobsFear of Mobs is a YouTube series that was started in February of 2011. The series is a single-player "Let’s Play" of Minecraft; the pc gaming-phenomenon. We follow the adventures of Deaboy as he survives the hostile world full of evil creatures of the dark. Whether he is exploring deep, dangerous caves, or building a giant monster-killing machine, you’re sure to enjoy his antics and laugh at his failings.

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If you'd like to get involved and make an appearance on Dan's YouTube channel, read about "Let's all play Minecraft!" below!


New Mobby-WoodOur Minecraft server boasts very little lag with over 24 slots, plus room for admins, moderators, and donators. Our plugins provide many features, including home warping, chat channels, a messaging system, protected chests, land protection, secure banking, and a very simple in-game currency system that allows you to instantly trade paper, gold, and diamonds for other hard-to-obtain materials.

Our admins are friendly and helpful, and the community is great! It is a non-whitelist server, which means there is no registering required to join, so what're you waiting for? Join our server; just input server.fearofmobs.com as the server IP on Minecraft to connect to our awesome server! Make sure you read the server rules for more information!

Want to show of your Fear of Mobs server creations, head over to our Flickr photo pool and submit your images, if they're good enough they'll be approved and added to the collection!

The server is hosted with Provision Host

Fear of Pinky

A multi-player let’s play (MPLP) of Terraria that’s sure to get you laughing! Deaboy joins Conkers (aka Will Game for Gold) in their adventures through their Terraria world. As they build and explore their world’s caves, they die. A lot. But their antics and stupid puns make up for it. Well they ever defeat Skeletron? Will they ever advance past gold tools? When will they ever shut up?? Subscribe to willgameforgold to follow Fear of Pinky and many other fun series, including Minecraft and WoW shows!

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Let's All Play Minecraft!

It’s a multi-player let’s play of Minecraft… and you’re ALL invited to be in it! Every week there will be a different guest(s) on, all building together along with Deaboy to make the most epic epicness that ever epicked a Minecraft world! If you like the show and want to join, just shoot Deaboy an email that includes your Minecraft and Skype names. Skype is required, as that’s all I use. Please make sure you can speak English ;D